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OK, so I came accross this article at Lifehacker about what is now unofficially dubbed a Seinfeld Calendar. To spare you some time, it boils down to this: in order to help yourself in the daily grind (in Jerry Seinfeld’s case: writing every day) you get yourself a calendar (complete year overview) on which you cross out (with a fat red marker) every day you actually do what you’re supposed to be doing. The trick then is to make sure to not break the chain of crosses.

It’s a nifty psychological trick, and I immediately started looking around The Internets for calendars. Of course I couldn’t find any to my satisfaction. So I created one myself, A4-sized, 1 page, 1 year per page.


I made 2 versions: one for non-leap years, and one for leap years (which have a day extra in February).

I made the type light-grey, to let the red marker come out more, but also to spare you some toner/ink (see, there’s an Al Gore in all of us).

Downloadable files (right click and save-as):